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We perform a complete benefit investigation to find out about medication coverage through your insurance plan...

...and any copay or out-of-pocket costs that may be associated with your coverage.

Insurance & Reimbursement Services

If your insurance company requires "prior-authorization", we initiate the process for you and your doctor. During these efforts, we make sure that the right documentation is submitted to the people who make decisions about drug coverage at your insurance company. This documentation must establish your need for this medication and show that you qualify according to the insurance company’s specific guidelines. This can help increase the chances that your insurance benefits will apply, reducing the costs of your drugs.

CSI Pharmacy has strong relationships with drug manufacturers, non-profit organizations, government agencies and insurance companies nationwide. We can find out if you qualify for financial assistance programs from drug manufacturers and non-profit organizations.

If you do, we will help you fill out the application and take any other steps needed to enroll in these programs.

Nurse working in a patients home on a home visit

Let CSI Pharmacy help you concentrate on the things that matter by taking the burden of navigating the insurance process from you. We will help you understand your medication while treating you as if you are a member of our family. You and your loved ones will never feel overwhelmed, while we help to ensure that your lifesaving and enhancing therapies are accessible and affordable.