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Every day patients with rare, chronic diseases experience these problems and work closely with their health care providers to find solutions to these problems...

...but the solutions aren’t simple and are time consuming.

Do you experience any of these challenges?

  • Finding a physician, often a specialist, to diagnose the symptoms we or our family members suffer with.
  • Once a diagnosis is made, we hope that there are medications that will treat our disease(s).
  • Then if we are covered with health insurance we worry if the prescription our physician has written is reimbursed by our insurance company, and if it is, how much our out-of-pocket costs will be.

Then the questions…

  • Will we be able to afford the out-of-pocket costs, even though we may have health insurance?
  • What happens if our health insurance company doesn't cover the specialist we need, the diagnostic testing to determine any changes in our diagnosis, and/or denies our coverage...what do we do?

What is a Patient Advocate?

A person who helps a patient work with others who influence the patient's health, including doctors, insurance companies, employers, case managers, and lawyers. Patient advocates help resolve issues about health care, medical bills, and job discrimination related to a patient's medical condition.

Pediatric patient showing of her artwork

CSI Pharmacy's Patient Advocate

As a patient of CSI Pharmacy, you will have your own patient advocate to help take the burden of navigating your insurance policy to understanding your coverage policy. Your advocate can assist you in choosing new health insurance policy during open season, work with your healthcare providers to resolve your healthcare needs, assist with your disability process; as well as be the person you lean on, so you can focus on healing.

A CSI Pharmacy patient being infused in his home

CSI Pharmacy's Commitment to the Community

CSI Pharmacy unites patients, families, and health care providers to raise public awareness about important health care access issues, such as the need for access to affordable lifesaving and enhancing therapies, education of rare, genetic and chronic disease, and diagnosis and treatment for these diseases by specialists. Such individuals work to bring about change that will help ensure quality of care for patients and their families. Our nurses, pharmacists and patient advocates volunteer to speak at patient support groups and national conferences to educate on issues, such as: navigating insurance, individualizing therapies to meet unique needs, infusing specialty therapies in the home care setting, understanding social security disability, and assisting in your selection of the best health insurance plan for you. We are also available on a one-on-one basis, by phone or email.

Patient Communities We Support

However, NO patient should feel alone.

Let us take some of the burden off your shoulders so you can start concentrating on healing. We understand how overwhelming a rare and/or chronic disease can be. We want to help.

Do you have to be a patient of CSI Pharmacy to seek help from our Patient Advocate?

Absolutely Not!

We want to make sure NO patient falls through the cracks. If you need help; please contact our Patient Advocate Today!