Our Services

Our Services


Our intake specialists welcome you into the CSI Pharmacy family and customize your experience to meet your specific needs.

Our Intake Department

The members of our intake team are committed to providing excellent service and will greet you with warmth and a genuine desire to help. You will be assigned to a specific intake care coordinator who will review your individual needs and serve as a direct contact for any questions you may have.

Our intake team members are experienced in specialty pharmacy care coordination and have received specialized training. Their main focus is to ensure each patient’s needs are reviewed by our team, gathering documentation from orders for prescribed therapies and insurance information. Our team establishes a care plan that is executed immediately.

What We Do

Insurance Verification

We ensure all insurance
questions are answered, upfront.

Bill Form Review

No surprises, 100% reviewed
between yourself and an expert.

Medication & Supplies

We coordinate your deliveries to
make sure you are never without
what you need.

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